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Web Design
Your business is unique, which means you deserve a unique website that represents you. All of our designs are 100% created just for you.
Web Development
Since your design is unique, so is the method and the management in which it is programmed. From the physically seen, to the engine that drives it, just like your business, it is 100% you.
Web Exposure
Unlike most companies, we do not just build you a website and let you fly on your own. We help you gain exposure through search engines and social medias such as twitter and facebook.
Shattering Internet Boundaries, Together.
Your website is the biggest and most visible part of your presence on the internet. Internet usage is widespread and for many it is critical in making decisions about where to shop, dine, and have fun. These days, if you don’t have a website, people cannot find your small business and what it has to offer. There are review sites, directories, and other sources of information out there, but you’re not as visible or in control of what gets said about you without a website.

Would you open a store without putting a sign out on the street? Of course you wouldn’t. Most people nowadays go straight to a search engine to find out anything about everything. Not having a website is the virtual equivalent of having a boarded up storefront. If people can’t find you, they’re going to find someone else.

Another Way Of Doing It Better.
By working alongside small businesses we realize exactly what the struggles are for most people. We do our best to work with you in growing online. As you grow, we grow. Most businesses charge you for every minute of anything extra that they do and attempt to sell you more than you are ever going to need. Why should you pay extra for services that you deserve as standard? We are an answer for that. Shattered Web Design uses proper programming methods and services, that would normally be labelled extra, as common practice. No extra charge, no hidden fees, no hidden agendas.

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